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Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Investments
Our aim is to utilise our company resources to benefit the youth and uplift communities through our interventions. Activities are directed at the youth and young children. Rural and peri-urban communities where the poor preside are our focus. Uplifting the lives of young people and improving communities is what drives us. Investing in the youth and boosting their confidence with will help shape their future and overcome their backgrounds and upbringing.

Sanitary towels for young women
Education is the key to end poverty in poor communities. Young women in impoverished communities lose days of schooling every month due to the lack of sanitary toiletries, and we took it upon ourselves to provide them with those on a monthly basis. Zamintuthuko Primary school girls in Mamelodi West are the beneficiaries and attendance has increased dramatically as a result.

Sport and recreation for young men
Being healthy and keeping fit leads to a healthy mind. The Zamintuthuko Primary soccer team received a complete soccer gear and a new ball. This allows the school to compete in competitions and keep the boys busy and out of trouble. The team now competes on school tournaments which build confidence in the young boys as they get to showcase their talents. It also promotes creativity and team work.

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